Young People Needed! Ronnie J. Bush to Establish Youth Campaign Coalition


Attention all young people of Freeport who are interested in politics, the campaign process, community service, volunteering, and social media! Ronnie J. Bush, a Democratic mayoral candidate for the City of Freeport, is looking for young people to join the “Ronnie J. Bush Youth Coalition.” Bush is recruiting young people who are willing to participate in campaign-related activities such as political canvassing, making phone calls, providing rides to constituents on election day, researching local issues, and creating/monitoring content on social media. 

Bush explained that he decided to establish the “Ronnie J. Bush Youth Coalition” as a way to “teach young people how a campaign runs.” Bush said that the Youth Coalition is part of his proposed Mayoral Youth Council that he intends to establish should he win the election. 

All interested individuals should reach out to Ronnie J. Bush via email at or by phone at (815)-238-8530.