Stephenson Cty. COVID-19 Round-Up: August 24th

A look at COVID-19 in the county.


A new work week begins in Stephenson County and students at Freeport School District are slated to return to classes on Thursday, August 27th. Meanwhile, Illinois reported 2,356 new COVID cases on Saturday – the highest single-day increase since late May.

Here are the numbers in Stephenson County. As always, thanks to the Stephenson County Health Department.

The amount of people currently hospitalized quickly jumped in the last two weeks. 6 people are currently hospitalized.

This image shows the last 28 days of daily COVID cases in the county. The trendline shows that the number of daily new cases has increased slightly in the last month.

The amount of active cases in the county is 30 as of August 23rd.

There were no fatalities this week; there have been no deaths in the county since the beginning of July.