Northwest Illinois Mayors Meet with Senator Duckworth

What did Mayor Miller take away from the call?


On Friday September 11, our Mayor, Jodi Miller, was in attendance for a virtual meeting with U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), along with the Mayors of Rockford, Moline, Rock Island, Belvidere, and Galena. The meeting was to address the impact that our communities have felt due to Covid-19. They also discussed what could be included in future federal relief packages and how the Senator’s
office can assist in the recovery of our economy and healthcare system.

In a press release about the call Senator Duckworth said “Communities are battling this virus on two fronts- Leaders are trying to protect their citizens during this public health crisis and keep essential services running despite decreased revenue”. Senator Duckworth stated “I’m glad I was able to connect with Northwest Illinois Mayors today, and I’ll keep working hard to make sure they have the assistance they need and deserve”.

In an email to Freeport Mayor Jodi Miller, we asked how the call went and what she took away from it. The following is the statement she provided us: “Yes, I was on a call for local Mayors with Senator Duckworth. Each of the municipalities’ main concern with the Senator was federal funding, asking for monies to be released without all the restrictions related to Covid expense but rather able to use as lost revenue because of Covid. She was very understanding and we were grateful for the time she spent with us.”- Freeport Mayor, Jodi Miller

In the press release issued by the Senator’s office last week it is stated that “Senator Duckworth has been a strong supporter of providing more funding to state and local governments to help with budget shortfalls as a result of Covid-19”.

This report was brought to you by Nick Nunez our City Hall correspondent.