How To Claim Money From the Illinois Treasurer’s Office

Guest contributor Zandra Bright shares information about how to receive unclaimed funds from the Illinois Treasurer's Office.


For anyone out there who is struggling to make ends meet – I have some interesting information for you.

The Illinois Treasurer’s Department has a website that shows if you, a relative, or a neighbor have unclaimed money waiting to be claimed. The website is completely legit – it’s run by the state government, not a scammer, and it won’t ask you for any personal information like your credit card or Social Security Number.

When I used the site I found that I had two claims waiting for me. After hitting the ‘claim’ button, I got my checks in 5 days! I received an $8 check from Nicor Gas and $126 from an old car insurance policy. I confirmed with my bank that these were real checks! This was such a blessing. 

I have been spreading the word to my neighbors and wanted to share this information with you as well. America is suffering right now and the least we can do is help each other earn a few extra bucks.

If you are able to successfully redeem a claim from this site, let us know here at The Voice of Freeport! I would love to hear more about your story. 


Zandra Bright has lived in Freeport for over 30 years and is a member of St. James CME Church. She has two adult sons and currently runs her small business Zan’s Mini Pies in her spare time.