Giving Voice to a New Vision for Freeport – Join Us!


Over the last number of years and election cycles in Freeport and Stephenson County, there has been recognition among many Progressive and Democratic Party activists that political efforts in Freeport and Stephenson County have been ignored. Encouragement of political and civic growth and political energy have been stifled by traditional organizations and organizing methods.

A group of progressively-minded Independents and Democrats have coalesced over the last few months to begin to offer fact-based, reliable information on any number of local issues covering a wide range of topics. The intent of this coalition is to encourage more active and broad-based community participation so that these voices are heard. 

Today, the group is launching a local and regional broad-based campaign to insure that all who are interested in justice, peace and equity for all people have a place to call home. A Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts have been established and will soon be unveiled. 

This is critically important because even though there is limited print media and some electronic media information available that covers news in Freeport, it tends to be incendiary, sensational or clickbait and most often colored by party biases. What is available may provide some limited information but the reliability, context and especially the objectivity of the information may be questionable. The plan by this team (and others as the constituency grows) is to offer independent commentary that avoids sensationalism. We believe there is a ravenous appetite for issue-based, fact-based and objective information about what goes on in Freeport and Stephenson County. Amongst the group, this activity has been referred to as relaxed, reliable and responsible citizen commentary.

The scope of this effort and where it serves will be Freeport and NW Illinois. The objective is to offer “hyper-local” focus and relevant information about local and regional governmental or societal issues. The goal is to offer fact-based reporting responsible to the general public rather than to local or regional corporate interests. The long-term goal of the organization is to provide a friendly outlet for progressive voices and provide context for information shared. It exists to provide community members reliable and actionable information. It is critically important in these times to provide sound information so each of us can make informed decisions and become active participants in our democracy. 

This diverse group of individuals believes in and intends to encourage civic engagement in governmental activities, promote the value of diversity in our city and country and actively advocate for equality and justice for all citizens of Freeport and Stephenson County.